Qualastat Electronics, Inc.

Professional Interconnection Systems, Since 1986

About Us

Qualastat Electronics, Inc. is a small business that has been assembling interconnection systems since 1986. We are a company that is principled in its finances and committed to the re-investment of earnings. As a result, one would be hard pressed to find another small business with an infrastructure matching the quality of our IT, facilities, tooling, and machinery. Customers can rest easy in starting a new program with Qualastat knowing that we'll be around in 10 years continuing to support the program.

As stated in our mission statement, our primary focus is our customers. Therefore, we seek relationships and do not chase after one-and-done jobs. If you have a relationship with Qualastat, you will never find your product delayed, because another job was placed ahead of yours. We would rather loose that sale than hurt a relationship.

We have made a niche for ourselves as a high-quality, on-time, service oriented vendor that functions in partnership with our customers. In an age in which many vendors forget who the customer is, you will find that we believe that the customer is king. We employ competent, intelligent, and professional staff eager to please, which makes doing business with us a pleasure: rather than the hassle and chore of dealing with a company that seeks to fill employment needs with a warm body.