Qualastat Electronics, Inc.

Professional Interconnection Systems, Since 1986

Qualastat is committed to pursuing and engaging itself in business activities that we can be proud of. We seek the highest levels of honesty and integrity so we can sleep well at night. To guide us in this pursuit, we follow a Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We demand that everyone we do business with comport themselves in an ethical manner. Our Code applies to company ownership, officers, employees, and in certain respects to suppliers, consultants, and representatives. To provide direct guidance to the supply chain, we have created a Supplier Code of Conduct.

We ask that, if you have questions or have witnessed any behavior that has violated our Code or is questionable in any way, please contact us at ethics@qualastat.com. We will protect your anonymity and ensure that no retribution comes your way. We have zero tolerance for retaliation made against anyone who reports conduct that he or she reasonably believes is illegal or otherwise violates our Code.